Tom Boyd

Mr. Boyd is a co-founder and brings more than 35 years of Power Generation, Electric Utility and Energy Trading experience to Triencon Services.

System Operations

As Manager of Availability Support for TXU Electric, he managed the coordination of Fuel Management, Overhaul and Outage Scheduling with System Operations. He developed and implemented the concept of the Generating System Information system, Unit Cycling Costs, Lignite Fuel Management and the first TXU Off-System sales of electricity.

Fuel and Generation Coordination

Managed the Generation, TUMCO, TUFCO, Fuel Acquisition, and Western Coal coordination interface with Power Supply Operations.
He coordinated TUFCO pipeline allocation/availability between TUFCO and Power Supply Operations, initiated the selection and evaluation of alternative System Scheduling/Unit Commitment Tools with Power Supply Operations and coordinated Fuel Oil Inventory planning/deliveries.

Data Systems Management

Mr. Boyd has extensive development experience in the conception, creation, and development of business and operational data systems. He has a working knowledge in OSI PI, PI Data Systems and data integration services with PI Data Systems, Oracle, and SQL Server Data Warehouses through web interfaces.

Energy Trading

As Director of Market Information & Competitive Intelligence at TXU Energy Trading, he managed an innovative team responsible for the development, testing, and implementation of competitive intelligence systems, market information and business information automation systems. These systems included data management/data mining to support business solutions, trading desk software applications, real-time data-systems for the monitoring of system operating parameters, and web-based (OIS) operations information and communication systems.

Engineering Project Management

Mr. Boyd brings more than 3 years engineering project management experience. As Manager of Generation Services (Projects) for TXU Electric he was accountable for the prioritization, development, implementation, and testing of operational systems, databases, and models for the transition of TXU Production to a deregulated market environment. Major capital projects included NOx Compliance Management System, OSI-PI system implementation, and Oracle Database (hardware and database structure) development projects in excess of $30 million.

Outage Management

Over 8 years experience in Generating Facility Overhaul and Outage Management. As Manager of Projects for TXU Electric, managed 19-20 Project Managers to provide Project Management support for Engineering Construction, Maintenance and Capital Improvement projects for the Generating Division. Managed Maintenance and Capital projects in excess of $30 Million annually and coordinated the contracting for and contract development of all major Third Party Service Contracts.

Power Plant Operations

Mr. Boyd brings more than 21 years of plant operations experience: over 5 years operating experience in Naval Nuclear Propulsions Systems and A1W, D2G Nuclear Reactor Systems. His commercial operations experience includes more than 16 years of combustion turbine (GE Frame 7EA) and large steam generating facility operations.

Education & Qualifications

Mr. Boyd is a 1975 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve and a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas.

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