Architecture Consulting

A company’s IT infrastructure is the foundation of the entire corporate communications system, or network.

A common mistake companies of all sizes make is not investing the time and proper resources required to architect and design their corporate IT systems. Companies should view the architecture and design phases as crucial part of success. With time, poor architecture and design decisions can lead to severe downtime, security breaches and inevitable spiraling IT costs. It costs significantly less to design a company’s IT architecture right the first time than reactivily rebuilding the “solution” later.

With decades of experience troubleshooting defective infrastructures, our engineers are committed to architect and design flexible and scalable corporate IT systems. They will recommend best practices solutions which will actually fit your organization?s needs based on your company size, requirements, technologies, location and industry.

Solutions recommended by TSI Data experts are based on real world experience using best practice recommendations, proven designs, and systematic plans that will increase your productivity, lower your costs and create a foundation your company can build on.

Architecture and design services include (but are not limited to):

  • Multi-vendor x86 virtualization solutions
  • LAN/WAN/Wi-Fi design and implementation
  • High-Availability soultions including clustering, off-site replication and traditional backups
  • LDAP/Active Directory identity federation
  • Office 365 migration services
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